Through video, photography, and costume, my work investigates both landscape and figure as players in a tableau vivant, engaged in the particular historical, psychological, and cultural myths of place. Using both natural and synthetic fibers to build wearable sculptures, I seek a point of contact with the surroundings, positioning the figure as an element of the landscape, sometimes by mimesis, sometimes in stark contrast, with consideration for the specific nature of the space and the role of the figures presence within it.

Themes of dis—and mis—placement pervade my work. The draped, voluminous figures of the Caryatids, and Hair Does series both hide in, and are revealed by the landscape, mismatched and mimicking the environment. In this way the technical aspects of video production and editing are also exploited as players in the work, manipulating and creating spaces that exist in solely on the screen.  In the Hair Suite and Vanitas projects, the fetishization and mythologization of hair and food come to the forefront, examining cultures of vanity and consumption.

Hair Does
Hair Suite
Iceland Projects
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