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Strike (2015)

Life Hack 1: Venus and the Potato (2017)

Life Hack 2: Kiwi Skin (2017)

Life Hack 3: Coconut Wax (2017)

La Vie en Rose (2016)

Noyesnonoyesnoyesyesno (2016)

Virtutem Forma Decorat (2016)

Zeg Time (2015)

The Mediterranean Diet (2014)

Vanitas (2014)

Arachne (2014)

Sea Floor (2013)

Vanity Hair (2013)

Braided (2013)

Jump (2013)

Pony (2013)

Untitled (2013)

Bow (2013)

Theater ( 2012)

Ecloga (2012)

Migration (2012)

Untitled (2012)


Atlas (2017).  Eleven Spaces, Numeroventi. Florence, Italy.
Atlas invites the viewer to engage in shaping the space, shifting and stacking the boulders as they topple to the floor. Just as the space they inhabit, the materials of construction are revealed by the wearing down of the surfaces and their repeated manipulation through time. Each gesture contributes to the erosion of the space and the objects, yet the playful interaction is one of continuous construction, suggesting the possibility for using this state of flux as an invitation to build rather than to demolish.

Primavera in Sospeso (2017). With Jennie Suddick for Come Up to My Room at The Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, Canada.
Using materials often found in both Jennie Suddick’s and Anna Rose’s practices, the two artists create an explosion out of a familiar image tied to their personal research in Florence, Italy. Anna, who resides in Florence, and Jennie, who is based in Toronto, constructed the elements of this project remotely, beginning the process of unraveling and expanding the subject matter within the specific contexts of their different environments.
An iconic image that is often romanticized and commercialized is deconstructed and blurred by their personal perspectives. An image that has connotations of beauty and ease is remixed to highlight the undercurrent of decadence and violence. The initial familiarity is destabilized, woven into an immersive environment.

(Im)percezione (2015).  With Francoise Bertolini.  Florence.

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Hair Picnic (2015) at Das KloHauschen, Munich.  In collaboration with Janean Williams.

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Hair Picnic (Florence) 2013.  In collaboration with Marisa Garreffa, with the participation of Jessica Harlond Kenney.

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Crosshairs (2013), Swell Gallery (San Francisco).  In collaboration with Janean Williams

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Memento Mori (2012), San Francisco Art Institute.

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Measured Bodies (2013) Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco.

Living Space (2012), SACI Gallery, Florence.

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Quiet Room (2011), San Francisco Art Institute.

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