Atlas (2017).  Eleven Spaces, Numeroventi. Florence, Italy.Atlas invites the viewer to engage in shaping the space, shifting and stacking the boulders as they topple to the floor. Just as the space they inhabit, the materials of construction are revealed by the wearing down of the surfaces and their repeated manipulation through time. Each gesture contributes…

Hair Does

Hair DoesA recurring presence in my work since 2013 as part of a series of photographs grouped under the title Hair Does, is this (mostly) blond hair-draped figure drifts in and out of different landscapes and contexts. Often drawing on tropes of childhood and memory, the figure is at once coyly playful and unsettlingly unidentified,…


Investigating the gestures and objects of play, these works imply an ongoing game or sport whose rules and intention are elusive. A sort of vanitas, each work appears to affirm the futility of the player’s repeated or looped actions through the suspension and dilation of time.

Hawnhekk – Residency at Spazjiu Kreattiv

Projection mapping installation in collaboration with Jennie Suddick


Photography and video series

Hair Suite

Video series

There are no sheep in Hrísey – Residency in Iceland

Photography and video developed in Hrísey, Iceland.

Primavera in Sospeso

Installation in collaboration with Jennie Suddick

Still Life and Snacks

Bite-sized works


Video series revisiting the concept of vanitas.

Homo Bulla

Interactive installation and video series


Video and sculpture


Two-channel video installation